Meet the Brewers


Meet The Brewers

Chattanooga Brewing Company originally opened in 1890 and was one of the largest brewers in the southeast, putting out over 150,000 barrels of beer a year, until 1915, with Tennessee going Dry before the rest of the country turning to Prohibition. The company was dormant until 2006 when local owners Mark Marcum and Jonathan Clark started to breathe new life into Chattanooga Brewing Company. The two met at a local tavern and started to scheme on starting up the new brewery.

Marcum and Clark sold their first kegs on July 14th, 2010, out of a 1200 square foot facility on Frazier Ave on Chattanooga’s North Shore. After 4 short years they have turned a two man operation into a company with over 20 employees in a new 7500 square foot facility, complete with tasting room with a full kitchen . The old place on Frazier could turn out about 850 Barrels a year, while their new facility can produce around 5000 barrels a year, with room to expand.

All our beers are crafted with love. Meet the beautiful people who make your favorite beers.

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan likes making beer.  And drinking beer.  Lucky for him, he gets to do ...
photo of a man in overalls wearing an oktoberfest style hat tapping beer from a small oak barrel

Mark Marcum

Mark Marcum is an east Tennessee Native and a graduate of the University of ...
Photo of a brewer wearing a face mask in a brewhouse

Jordan Gwin

Head Brewer
A guy in a baseball cap giving a thumbsup while peaking through a glass jug and a pint of beer

Jared Horner

Assistant Brewer